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National and International Transport

We cover a vast number of destinations in Europe, with contracted services and regular lines leaving daily to various countries. Count on an agile service, with a differentiated service, with quality, in the distribution of your merchandise. Our solutions are supported by technology that completes a reliable and proximity service. We guarantee the responsibility to deliver the merchandise in perfect condition within the estimated time to your customer, who is confident of receiving your merchandise with total integrity.

Full General Cargo Transport (FTL)

Transdefiro operates throughout Europe, but our main lines are located between the French Iberian Peninsula, with weekly departures. Our trailers have anti-theft curtains, certified to DIN EN 12642 XL. In terms of capacity, all of them have a cubic capacity of up to 90m3 and 25,000 kg of payload. Our vast experience allows us to develop customized solutions to your needs and that guarantee a fast, safe and cost-controlled transport of all your merchandise.

Partial Cargo Transport (LTL)

The Partial Load Shipping service is a quick option when you don’t have enough goods for a Full Load Shipping.
Most effective for shipments that have to be transported directly to their destination, without being unloaded and loaded multiple times.
Best suited for shipments containing fragile items.

Assembly and Disassembly

We have a team with extensive experience in the assembly and disassembly of furniture from brands such as IKEA, Conforama, among others, thus allowing us to offer our customers a turnkey service. This complementary service is often requested when moving individuals or companies.


Do you want to move house? Change your company’s facilities? Count on us for your move, we have a team of experienced, prepared and reliable professionals at your service. We protect all your assets with the most suitable materials. We supply shrink film, bubble wrap and cardboard boxes.

Regular flow in both directions

We have vehicles dedicated to the Export and Import service, with regular ow in both directions. Reliable and long-lasting relationships allow us to maintain a relationship of loyalty with our customers.